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2023 Weekly Meet-ups

November 2, 2023


So you decided that helping a local children's non-profit is far more important that your looks? Well you're darn right it is! Besides, having a mustache is a sign of nobility.

With that being said, welcome to the 2023 Growing Season. You are now part of an elite group of gentlemen that take part in a yearly mustache growing event, collect pledges, attend weekly meet-ups. Then celebrate all you achieved at the annual 'Stache Bash where we reveal how much we were able to raise for local children's non-profits! Be sure to come clean shaven to this event....that means no facial hair! Today starts it all. Be sure to check out the Rules page if you have questions on what's allowed. Join us for Shave Day as we kickoff at Wilmington Brewing Company!

November 8, 2022


One week in and you're wondering if that 'stache is ever going to make its grand appearance. Join us at Capt'n Bill's Backyard Grill to remember why you are doing this. You aren't alone!

November 15, 2022


Two weeks...feelin more confident?  Swing by Poe's Tavern to check-in and show off your 'stache.

November 22, 2022 7pm


Halfway there! Keep it going and be sure to share your fundraising link with the world! Stop by Wilmington Brewing Company to show off that half 'stache.

November 29, 2022 7pm


You are in the final homestretch! Join your fellow 'stache growers at Wrightsville Beach Brewery as we show off our 'staches and check-in.

December 2, 2022 7pm


Congrats! You have completed the M4k 2022 Growing Season! Now it's time to celebrate at the annual 'Stache Bash. Join us at 7Mile Post (behind the Starbucks in Ogden) starting at 7! Wear your best mustache themed costume

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