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2019 Online Fundraising Page Instructions:
  1. Go to website

  2. On the home screen, scroll down and click “Join Now”

  3. This will direct you to the Mustaches for Kids Wilmington Crowdrise page

  4. Under 2019 Growth Voucher, add “1” to the cart

  5. Click “Continue”

  6. Enter in your personal contact information

  7. Click “Continue”

  8. Enter in contact information again (or click “copy from buyer information” to auto-populate)

  9. Click “Fundraise as an Individual” 

  10. Choose Campaign Name (MUST include your name in the campaign title)

  11. Enter your fundraising goal

  12. Click “Checkout”

  13. If registration is successful, the screen will say “Congrats! Time to start fundraising!” and you will receive an email confirmation.

  14. To create your individual page:

    1. Immediately: Under the “Congrats! Time to start fundraising” message, click “Go To Campaign”

    2. Setting up at later time: You will receive a second email from Crowdrise titled “Your New CrowdRise Fundraiser is Going to be so Good”. From the email, click the “Start Crowdrising” button. 

  15. Create Crowdrise Account

  16. It will automatically take you to your individual page. From here, you customize, share on social media, etc. 

  17. Offline donations (cash and check) will be added to your individual page by A M4K Growth Council member at the weekly check-in so that you will have a current total each week. Offline donations cannot be added by the individual grower. 




While growing a mustache seems pretty easy (for some of us) there are some serious rules to this competition!

1. Keep it clean. Please keep in mind that we are representing charities for children.


2. You must be clean shaven on shave day!

3. At the weekly meet-up, the only facial hair should be that of your prized mustache...stubble equals trouble!

4. Hair below the mouth line is prohibited aka no horseshoes or Fu Manchu!

Mustaches  for kids

Wilmington Chapter 

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